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I'm not necessarily a fan of these kinds of pages, but I get enough questions that I thought there might be interest.

Cliff Richard and Jeff Lynne
Jeff Lynne and Cliff Richard
My two musical heroes
My name is Robert Porter and I am a fan of Cliff Richard's music. I'm an American and as many readers may know, he's not so well known over here. I first discovered Cliff via his songs We Don't Talk Anymore, Little In Love and Give A Little Bit More (which was a USA single and a mild hit in 1980). After a while I began to realize that all these 45 single records were by the same guy so I picked up a few albums which I liked. It wasn't until I found a book with a discography dating back to 1958 that I began to realize this guy had been around a lot longer than I thought. I then started picking up old records in the used and import shops and I officially became a fan. Over the next ten years I collected most of his music produced between 1970 and 1990. It's only within the past seven or so years that I've finally been gotten caught up and have all of his known released recordings.

I started this site as a way to help me keep track of my own collection of music. I work on it when I can, although these days I'm working on my Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Texas at San Antonio as well as a full time job (software development), so I don't find the time to update the website as often as I'd like. It's truly a labor of love for me and I like to do stuff on it as a way to relax. I'm also a fan of the music of Jeff Lynne and have a similar site devoted to him. Check it out HERE if you want to see where this Cliff Richard site is headed as that site is much further along.

Regarding this website, I try my best to just state the facts and to not let my opinions show. Thus you shouldn't see me expressing myself in regards to the quality of Cliff's material. I leave that to the reader and critics to decide. I try to stick to the facts and occasional supposition. Also, I am not a musician. As such, I have little offer by way of chords, notes, etc.

That's it. I always enjoy hearing from fans that enjoy this site. Feel free to contact me just to chat. And, as always, if you see anything that needs correcting or you have a recommendation for improvement, please let me know. Just be patient if it takes me a while to respond (due to the whole Master's degree thing mentioned above). Thanks for reading!

Robert Porter
April 2022