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Welcome to the
Cliff Richard
Song Database
This site attempts to list and catalog all the known songs ever touched by Cliff Richard spanning his entire career (with a few minor exceptions), in order of chronological production (or as close as can be figured). It is not a discography (there are plenty of other sites for that kind of information), although one might be able to describe it as a "song-ography" of Cliff Richard's career.

A note on some of the title variations: A 'take' is a particular performance of a song, of which some songs have different takes having been released, an 'edit' refers to a song where some bits have been removed or rearranged from the standard release, and a 'version' refers to a song that is in some way different from the standard release.

If there are any questions, comments, corrections or complaints (!?) about this database, please feel free to contact me at cliffrichardsongs@gmail.com. I welcome your feedback. This is a living document and will be continually updated. Check back periodically for updates. The latest update was done on May, 2020.
Robert Porter


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Sheila Walsh duet session
Early 2020
  It Is Well Sheila Walsh (feat. Cliff Richard)  
[4:15] Album Version Initially released on: Braveheart Worship Album in 2020 2020/1     
At home COVID-19 performance
April 9, 2020
  We Don't Talk Anymore (Gary Barlow Online Duet) Cliff Richard and Gary Barlow  
[3:44] Online Performance Initially released on: Gary Barlow YouTube Channel Album in 2020 2020/2     

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Click HERE for a downloadable zipped Microsoft Excel version of this list (excluding all the song comments).

Click HERE for a downloadable zipped text version of this list (including *ALL* song comments).

This database contains all the songs that were performed, written and/or produced by Cliff Richard throughout his career. There are, however, a few exceptions to this.

  • Live Music - I have only listed live material when it was officially released or was exceptionally unique (i.e. I'm In Love With My Television).
  • Cliff Richard written songs performed by other artists, which Cliff Richard not had previously recorded are included. (For example, Cherry Wainer's Happy Like A Bell (Ding Dong).)
  • Songs remixed by fans and non-officially released (as in DJ service mixes) are not included. As with the live bootleg material, this stuff is widely varied, impossible to keep track of, and quite frankly, some of it isn't very good.

If there are any questions, comments, corrections or complaints (!?) about this database, please feel free to contact me at cliffrichardsongs@gmail.com.  Thanks!

Robert Porter, May 2020