Cliff Richard - Constantly [Mono Version]Details

The mono and stereo recordings are the same take and edit, but different mixes.

This song is sometimes referred to by it's original Italian title L'Edera, of which Cliff's Constantly is an English language version of. Cliff has never been known to have recorded an Italian language version of this song.

"At a time when Beat was all the rage, Cliff achieved yet another memorable milestone in his career when he soared up the best sellers with the tender, romantic Constantly, a classy ballad on which he hit a peak of vocal and artistic perfection."
James Wynn (September 1964 - A Forever Kind Of Love EP)

"Constantly was one of those, um... It's an Italian melody called L'Edera. Again, Norrie Paramor was very good at finding these very beautiful melodies. And he found that one. And it was one of those, you know, we recorded it. As soon as we recorded it, we automatically felt that this has got to be a single. And Norrie was right."
Cliff Richard (1974 - The Music And Life Of Cliff Richard collection)

"Cliff's popularity was maintained throughout the sixties through a succession of TV appearances, sold out concerts over the length and breadth of Great Britain as well as a number of hit singles that included Lucky Lips, Don't Talk To Him and Constantly."
Peter Lewry & Nigel Goodall (1994 - liner notes for The Hit List)

"For the follow up [to I'm The Lonely One], an adaptation of the old Italian hit song L'Edera was chosen, and did even better, appearing at No.3 as Constantly. [...] April 17, 1964: Cliff's new single Constantly is reviewed. As one reviewer puts it: 'A captivating rock-a-ballad with an exotic Latin lift-- this must rank as one of Cliff's best and most polished discs to date.' [...] April 24, 1964: Cliff's 25th single Constantly is released. Adapted from the Italian hit song L'Edera, it is backed with a composition written by Shadow Bruce Welch, True, True Lovin'. [...] End of May 1964: Constantly peaks at number 4 in the charts. [...] October 9 1964: Choosing his all-time Top 10 records for the New Musical Express, publicity-prone singer and one-time Elvis demo-disc stand-in P.J. Proby includes Cliff's Constantly in his list, and adds the caustic comment: 'This is actually the first disc of Cliff Richard's that I've really liked-- before that I quite honestly thought he was an atrocious singer!'"
Mike Read, Nigel Goodall & Peter Lewry (1995 - The Complete Chronicle)

"The non-movie songs that preceded and followed the Summer Holiday tracks-- It'll Be Me, Lucky Lips, It's All In The Game and Constantly-- kept Cliff at #1 in foreign territories..."
Nigel Goodall & Peter Lewry (2008 - liner notes for The Hits: Number Ones Around The World album in the ...And They Said It Wouldn't Last! {My 50 Years In Music} set)

  • Running Time: 2:40
  • Record Date: November 17, 1963
  • Record Location: Abbey Road Studios, London
  • Written By: Saverio Seracini, Vincenzo d'Acquisito & Michael Julien
  • Arranged By: Norrie Paramor
  • Produced By: Norrie Paramor
  • Engineered By: Malcolm Addey
  • Performed By: Cliff Richard (vocals), Brian Bennett (drums), The Norrie Paramor Orchestra conducted by Norrie Paramor (orchestra and all other instruments)

  • Released On:
    • Constantly 7" single (1964 April 24 UK Columbia DB 7272) [mono]
    • Constantly 7" single (1964 May Italy Columbia SCMQ-1751) [mono]
    • A Forever Kind Of Love EP (1964 September UK Columbia SEG 8347) [mono]
    • Cliff And The Shadows Forever LP album (1964 Germany Columbia C 83767) [mono]
    • More Hits - By Cliff LP album (1965 July UK Columbia 33SX 1737) [mono]
    • More Hits - By Cliff reel-to-reel album (1965 UK Columbia TA-33SX 1737) [mono]
    • More Hits - By Cliff cassette album (1965 UK Columbia TC SCX 3555/1E 244 o 04112) [mono]
    • The Hit List VHS videotape (1994 October 3 UK PMI MVD 4913453/4913453/7243 4913453 9) [mono] [Note: this is from a mimed performance from a July 15, 1964 ATV program called Cliff and The Shadows]
    • Love... The Album CD album (2007 November 12 UK EMI 5093702/50999 509370 2 8) [mono]
    • Love... The Album digital album (2007 November 12 UK EMI 50999 509370 5 9) [mono]
    • ...And They Said It Wouldn't Last! {My 50 Years In Music} CD album box set (2008 September 15 UK EMI 216 5922/5099921659225)
      [The Hits: Number Ones Around The World CD (EMI 216 5972/5099921659720)] [mono]
    • 50th Anniversary Album CD album (2008 November 3 UK EMI 242 3892/50999 2 42389 2 2) [mono]
    • The Fiftieth Anniversary Album digital album (2008 November 3 UK EMI 50999 2 42389 5 3) [mono]
    • The Collection CD album (2011 UK Reader's Digest RDCD7221-4/3 801410 000003) [mono]
    • 75 At 75 CD album (2015 September 18 UK Rhino 0825646048892) [mono]
    • 75 At 75 digital album (2015 September 18 UK Rhino 825646048885) [mono]
    • Stronger Thru The Years CD album (2017 November 10 UK Parlophone 9572611/0190295726119) [mono]
    • Stronger Thru The Years digital album (2017 November 10 UK Parlophone 190295726102) [mono]

  • Top UK Chart Position:
    • 4 [Record Retailer/Official UK Singles Chart]
    • 5 [New Musical Express]
    • 4 [Disc]
    • 4 [Melody Maker]