Cliff Richard - Just Another Guy [Mono Version]Details

The mono and stereo mix of this song are the same take and edit.

This song was a hit in the Australian charts in 1965.

"March 5, 1965: Cliff's 29th single (recorded in Nashville), The Minute You're Gone/Just Another Guy is released and reviewed..."
Mike Read, Nigel Goodall & Peter Lewry (1995 - The Complete Chronicle)

"Renowned singer/songwriter Neil Diamond scored his first UK hit in 1970 with Cracklin' Rosie and went on to have hits with Sweet Caroline, Song Sung Blue, Forever In Blue Jeans and many others. However, many years before he hit the big time, he was writing songs for other artists and in August 1964, during a series of sessions at the Columbia studios in Nashville, Cliff recorded one of his compositions, Just Another Guy, released as the flipside of the #1 hit The Minute You're Gone."
Nigel Goodall & Peter Lewry (2008 - liner notes for Rare B-Sides 1963 - 1989 album in the ...And They Said It Wouldn't Last! {My 50 Years In Music} set)

  • Running Time: 2:05
  • Record Date: August 25, 1964
  • Record Location: Columbia Studios, Nashville
  • Written By: Neil Diamond
  • Produced By: Bob Morgan & Billy Sherrill
  • Engineered By: Mort Thomason
  • Performed By: Cliff Richard (vocals), The Jordanaires (backing vocals), all other instruments and artists unknown

  • Released On:
    • The Minute You're Gone 7" single (1965 March 5 UK Columbia DB 7496) [mono]
    • ...And They Said It Wouldn't Last! {My 50 Years In Music} CD album box set (2008 September 15 UK EMI 216 5922/5099921659225)
      [Rare B-Sides 1963 - 1989 CD (EMI 216 5942/5099921659423)] [mono]
    • Rare B-Sides 1963 - 1989 CD album (2009 April 6 UK EMI 216 5942/5099921659423) [mono]

  • Cover Versions: The Times on their Tender Feeling single (1965)