In Gratitude


In Gratitude
To these Fellow Fans

This site wouldn't exist without the kind support of fellow fans. Although it's impossible to thank everyone individually, there are some fans who have gone out of their way to help me with information, images and much more for this site. Many of them I consider good friends. In gratitude to them and to acknowledge their assistance, I would like to give them a mention here. I should also add that there are some who wish to remain anonymous. So to those of you on this page, those of you who wish to remain anonymous, and the many others who have helped make this site a success, thank you.

* Uschi Arndt - She has a kind heart and is always so generous with rarities from her collection. Thank you so much for giving so much. I only wish you'd keep better records of record dates and such! :)

* Chris Lane - Like me, Chris is fascinated by finding all the odd variations and minute changes in Cliff's songs. I am forever grateful to him for keeping me on my toes and ensuring that what goes on the site is correct.

* Jean Murgatroyd - Long ago, Jean went out of her way to offer up some rarities that I'm still analyzing. It's a treasure trove of material and I am forever grateful to her for it.

* Simon Palmer - Simon has been my Aussie partner in crime in tracking down all the odd mono/stereo variations as well as offering critiques of the song analysis pages. Great stuff and the mono/stereo variation stuff simply wouldn't exist without his invaluable assistance. He was a crucial part of the team that found all the details about the Bachelor Boy variations!

* Anne Parker - Now Anne has turned into one of my special Cliff fan friends. She'd helped me fill in some of the gaps in my collection, as well as sharing stories from those early days. We've developed the kind of friendship that extends beyond Cliff and we share our personal lives. Good on ya, Anne!

* Brian Richards - Brian has been an invaluable help in finding the details and ensuring accuracy in the song details. I get one or two emails per week from him, telling me of little bits I need to correct. I am forever grateful to him for this. Keep 'em comin' Brian!

* Mike Ross - A sound engineer from back in the day, Mike has shared his collection and knowledge to pick apart all those mono/stereo/etc. variations. Great stuff and without him, I couldn't have done it. He was also a crucial part of the team that found all the details about the Bachelor Boy variations!

* Henk Schaap - He has a vast collection and is always kind enough to share information, his extensive expertise and the occasional rarity when requested. He's always quite generous and I'm quite grateful to him for his kindnesses.

And, of course, thanks to Cliff Richard, without whom this site would be about someone else entirely!

If I've not mentioned your name here, it's probably just an oversight. I am humbly grateful to all of you who have helped me to put this site together.

Robert Porter
August 2016